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Life and Faith

Study: Younger Christians Care Less About Church

According to the study, 66 percent of churchgoers said they…

Life and Faith

Richard Dawkins Reveals He Is Agnostic

Dawkins revealed that he is in fact not an atheist as he…

Why Men Struggle With Indentity

Why Men Struggle With Indentity

Award winning talk show host Eric Hogue why men must rediscover…

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Faith Assembly of Christ

Bishop Mitchell Way

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The Rock Dream Center

Apostle Bryant-Lee Phillips

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Temple Baptist Church The Morning Watch

Pastor A. Geoffrey Wood

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Concord Church

Rev. Bryan Carter

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Family Harvest Church

Dr. Robb Thompson

The Living Word Christian Ministries

Pastor Michael J. Carter

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New Life Covenant Church

Pastor John F. Hannah

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The Wisdom Center

Dr. Mike Murdock

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Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral

Bishop Larry L. Brandon

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