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ADF Memo: Schools Can Talk About Easter Biblically, Legally

Historically, students and teachers in America have freely…

Life and Faith

Religion Census: Increase in Evangelicals, Mormons, Muslims; Decrease in Catholics

Muslims saw the greatest growth rate among the five main…

Life and Faith

How to Answer ‘Why Would God Allow Evil?’

Providing a rebuttal to the question of why God would allow…

Featured Speakers & Ministries

Agapé Christian Ministries

Bishop L.A. Wilkerson

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The Sanctuary at Mt Calvary

Dr. John Allen Newman

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Citadel of Praise

Pastor Spencer T. Ellis


Victorious Life Church

Bishop Mark Tolbert


St. John Baptist "The Mighty Fortress"

Dr George P. Lee, III

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Glory to God Ministries

Dr. Randy Brodhagen

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Greater Imani Church & Christian Center

Dr. Bill Adkins

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Lyle and Deborah Dukes Ministries

Bishop-Elect Lyle Dukes and Pastor Deborah Dukes

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Divine Faith North

Bishop Donald Battle