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Life and Faith

Archaeologists Uncover Proof of Pre-Jesus Bethlehem

"This is the first time the name Bethlehem appears outside…

Life and Faith

Were Adam and Eve ‘Cavemen?’ Christian Apologetics Debate Continues

The apologists featured in the Answers magazine article,…


Expert Claims Over-Praise Drives Bullying

"We praise our kids a lot thinking they are just going to…

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Hill of the Lord Ministries

Apostle Samuel Appiah

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Victorious Life Church

Bishop Mark Tolbert


Saint Andrew AME Church

Rev. Kenneth S. Robinson M.D. and Rev. Marilynn Robinson

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The Gospel Choice Awards 2008

Larry Tinsley & Dottie Peoples


Benny Hinn Network

Pastor Benny Hinn

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Robert Tilton

Rev. Robert Tilton


Ebenezer AME Church

Pastors G. & J.A. Browning

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Empowering Life Church

Pastor Linda Silverman

Center for Hope Ministries

Bishop Larry Taylor

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