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Life and Faith

New Archaeological Discovery Questions Jesus’ Bodily Resurrection

The team of scientists, lead by biblical scholar James Tabor…

Life and Faith

Ga. Pastor Andy Stanley: Don’t Settle for ‘Christian’

"Are we disciples? Or are we just 'Christians?' Stanley…

Life and Faith

How to Answer ‘Why Would God Allow Evil?’

Providing a rebuttal to the question of why God would allow…

Featured Speakers & Ministries

Trinity United Church Of Christ

Rev. Otis Moss III, Senior Pastor


Greater Allen Cathedral of New York

Rev. Dr. Floyd H. Flake & Pastor Elaine M. Flake

New Vision Church

Pastor Billy Stanfield

Abundant Life Family Worship Church

Bishop George C. Searight

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Unity Christian Fellowship International

Bishop Nelson K. Williams

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Spiritual Freedom Church

Bob Larson

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New Faith Church of Houston

Rev. T.R. Williams Sr., D.Min.

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Glory to God Ministries

Dr. Randy Brodhagen

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