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First Church of God

First Church of God…Center of Hope

Join Bishop Gregory L. Dixon every Sunday to receive compelling words of hope that will inspire listeners to be about authentic Christian living. You don’t want to miss the dynamic preaching and teaching that’s shared every week on Hope for Everyday Life! We are a fast growing, busy and exciting Church, with two beginnings.  One stream began in 1892 and the other in 1940.  In 1972, under Pastor Benjamin F. Reid retires as Senior Pastor of First Church of God.  The Lord elevated Dr. Gregory L. Dixon, then Executive Pastor, to the office of Senior Pastor.  As Bishop Reid passed the mantle to Dr. Dixon he declared: “Our future is as bright as the promises of God, and the best is yet to come!” Since 1996, our mission is to extend the hands of the church to reach those outside its walls in Inglewood and surrounding communities.  We have over 30 ministries and a Community Development Agency to assist in fulfilling the needs of the people of God.

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Bishop Gregory L. Dixon

Bishop Gregory L. Dixon

Bishop Gregory L. Dixon is a man on a mission to see lives changed by teaching practical… Learn more

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