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New Life Oakwood Church

New Life Covenant Church

Before our doors were opened or our first service was held, there was a cry in the spirit: a cry for the presence and power of God without regard to denomination; a cry for an authentic worship experience where intimacy with God prevails over ritual and religion; a cry for a church where the wounded could be made whole, where the hurting could be healed, where the lonely could be comforted. Pastor John F. Hannah heard the cry and responded by establishing New Life Covenant Church. The church began with weekly bible studies in September 2003 with a small group of committed members. Others heard the cry and the numbers grew. In March 2004, Sunday worship services were added. New Life is a loving church where its members are celebrated, not tolerated. It is a ministry of a second chance, where the past only serves as a reminder of how good God has been, and is never used to hold anyone back. The ministry is committed to breaking down the walls of religion and denomination and endeavors to create a church that looks like heaven, where all of God’s children, of every race and color, worship together.

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Pastor John F. Hannah

Pastor John F. Hannah

Pastor John F. Hannah has a purpose to empower changed people to change the world! He… Learn more

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