Jesus said, “We do not belong to the world.”

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    I prayed last week to God and yesterday had J get 5000SEK from Heaven, Amen
    Jesus said, “We do not belong to the world.”
    The world has tried to pull away faith in GOD and God’s Gifts.
    Shout to GOD, Jer 33:3 God will answer one’s prayer. The world does not know God, nor does it cancel out God’s People from the Church. How can they have a GOD? GOD said, Altars, GOD BID’s where the Heart is the Bread and Wine that lifts of all, sin! Remember GOD’s Will! Say; YES or NO everything in between is not of God. GOD faith only in the truth, but do not start with your truth is not my truth! For then you are not in GOD’s TRUTH. Jesus said, “We do not belong to the world.”
    Everything came in, went to a Church meeting yesterday also money and advised it was the will of God, for all the time that God put everything at my feet if you control them (Your feet) where GOD wants You to GO. But I warn, to GO to the condemnation the there people who condemn and pray condemn prayers against other or to the Lord’s SERVANT’s .... The end badly! Keep your eye to Jesus Christ the Lord! The Lord Give You what, You NEEDS!
    Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in Sweden