Peace Through Prayer

  1. kcallender
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    Thank you for your testimony. It is so true. I pray that you are fully recovered now.


  2. dawning2012
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    Everyone who is sincerely striving for the victory over self, will appropriate the promise,“My grace is sufficient for thee,” 2 Cor.12:9. Through personal efforts, joined with the prayer of faith, the soul is trained day by day the character grows into the likeness of Christ.  “Peace Through Prayer was All I Needed”, Gods Peace while laying ing in the bed looking at the ceiling day after day, after my back procedure not being able to do what I wanted and needed to do, pain at times unbearable, but I kept hearing that small still voice saying to me…“My Grace is Sufficient for thee”. So God’s peace will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. (emphasis mine). I learned that through the most trying times in your life and the most painful he wil never leave you and he is forever faithful and true and will give you peace through prayer.