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    OH LORD HOW EXCELLENT IS YOUR NAME ,  i when think about you and things we share the times and the tears,, i smile and know that i was never dissappointed.  You are more than words and songs ,  yes they are good , but can not express the fulness of who are.

    OH LORD, just calling of your name is a reflection of your tender merices, you have covered me with. you have always been there in my rainy seasons and my seasons of loneliness that were at times dark and cloudy.  i think and see you in all things that pertain to alife of hope that only comes from you.

    i do not have to look to far over my life to know that , your lovingness was guiding me even wnen i did not know or do things you wanted to do.
    that shows faithful you are and that your love for me can not be measured.

    in moments my of doubts which blocked my view you held on to me and iwhen i wanted to quit you were still there. Oh LORD you are my constant hope for life now and forever more.  it is in you i amm finding purpose and learning that i do not control my life. Ypu speak and it happens according to your and will.

    in my silence i sought to distance myself from you , ohhow you showed your concerns for me, never did yo make me unwanted or condemned.. But through your loving kindness you drew me back to you.

    YOU drew back from the dry places and allowed to drink to a water that is so pure and true ,  A LIVING WATER ,  that you planted deep within my spirit. and put your words of in life with in and now i reflect on the SON of THE TRUE LIVING , OH I CALL HIM JESUS.
    whose light is a reflection of my future and a glimpse of a eternal home , prepared for me .

    MY soul , My Spirit agree as they shout in one voice,,,,,, OH LORD HOW EXCELLENT IS YOUR NAME.