Healing for my daughter

  1. warriorofchrist
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    You are the only Doctor that I know, who has a cure for every ailment, every affliction, every diesase. You are the only One I know that knows how to heal every hurt, and every pain. I lift up this precious Saint’s daughter before You and I am asking that You do a supernatural work in her life.

    I call on the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into this daughter’s path to minister salavation unto her. I pray that when she hears the word of God, she will not be able to resist the power of the Word of God. I pray that You prepare her heart even now, to receive of Your Word. Send the laborers from the North, the South, the East and the West. God, I stand on the authority of Your Word. You said if this precious Saint believe on the Lord Jesus, she would be saved and her household. Now, this daughter came out of her household, so I am expecting You to do what You promised! I thank You that You are not a man that You should lie! You are not slack in Your promises! What You said that You would do, God I know that You are well able to perform it! So I thank You in advance for the daughter’s salvation! Give her a hunger and desire for You and Your Word and as get gets into the Word of God, bring about a change in her life. For the Word of God if life and bring health to her flesh. (Prov 4:20-22)

    Now Lord, I come against the spirits of lupus, blood dieases, arthritis and any sprit connceted to arthritis. I speak to the kidneys and command them on the authrotiy of the Lord Jesus to function as God created them to fuction. I speak health and healing over her life. I come against the spirits of stress, worry, frustation, anger and any form of doubt and fear. I command you on the authority of the Lord Jesus to cease and desist your activity. I cancel your plots, your plans and your schemes to take this one out! She shall live and not die and see the salvation of the Lord God! Thank You for this precious Mother, putting this request online. Do something great in her life. I pray her every need is met. Empower her and use her mightily for Your glory.
    In Jesus Name


  2. Marcelle L Sweet
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    I found out today that my 32 year old daughter has Lupus. She was diagnosed a few days ago, but we think she has had it for years. It is effecting her hands, legs, back, neck and possibly her kidneys. She has been referred to a Rheumatologist, but they can’t get her in for 6 months. She is in a lot of pain and doesn’t handle stress and frustration very well. She is not saved. She knows Jesus but isn’t living a Christian life.

    Please pray for her to surrender her life to Jesus and receive the healing that he died for her to have. I talk to her about Jesus, but being her mother, she isn’t real receptive.

    She has 2 children, 10 & 8. I can’t be of any help to her. She lives in Tennessee and I live in Arizona.

    Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.