Muslim Husband & Christian Wife

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    My husband is Muslim and I am Christian. We have been married now for 6years we have 2 kids together ages 4 and 6. I did not know he was muslim before we married, but he knew I was a full believer of christian Faith, we were raised in the same faith, but when his mother passed when he was a child, when he grew older he converted his faith. My husband is very faithful and does not force his religion on me in any fashion, he is loving and supportive in the family, he just rebels when I teach our kids who Jesus is and who is lord, he wants them to follow him, when I instill prayer before eating dinner he tells them its ok te eat without saying there prayers be hind my back. Now I’m wondering what else is he teaching them, he says in about 2 years we have to leave to go to africa, because america will be destroyed soon. I love him so much but i don’t know about the africa trip with my kids and he is very serious about moving to africa. he tells me there is truth and lies in all the different bibles because they were rewritten. I am trying to stay strong, He has never abused me neither my kids, he is a very compassionate man, I hope God hears my prayers and saves him, because I’m seriously thinking about legal separation and getting full custody of my kids, I have been making plans, but i want God in my plans and want to know if im making the right decision. He says things about Ezekiel in the bible seeing the wheel in the middle of the wheel and that Ezekiel was actually looking at the mother plane or mother ship and the mother plane/ship will return to collect Gods chosen people the 144000.He is not the traditional muslim he says he is a Asiatic muslim. I belong to a mega church and have to wait on a list to speak with the pastor. Please Pray that God change my situation. Thank You and God bless U


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    I pray guidance and deliverance over this family Lord, i ask in the precious name of Jesus that this wife and mother find the person and direction that she needs to make the right decisions in her life and marriage. I pray that her husband find that the true Saviour and Lord is Jesus Chrisrt and that she be a shining light for the Lord. Help her to continue to teach her children about you and your son and that Jesus is the messiah. I pray this all in the Glorious Name of Jesus Christ


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    Very tough situation indeed, remember standing for the Lord, there will be sacrifices and great tests. Unfortunately, if separation is the answer, you will eventually have peace for you did it for Christ’s sake and not anything for ‘SELF’ that will be the only thing that will give you peace if separation becomes the outcome, yet I hope it doesn’t for both of you love each other but the spiritual directions is totally different. May GOD be with you and your family and I hope the best for you in your situation.


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    Heavenly Father, I pray in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Father I ask that You make a move in this marriage and reveal the truth to this husband, that Jesus is Lord and Savior. I ask Father that you protect this family from the arrows of the enemy and give them shelter. I ask Father that You arrest and convict and this lying spirit that is attacking this family. I ask Father that Your Truth prevail in this marriage. I ask Father that You bind whatever lies that forms on the husband tongue and loosen the spirit of Truth from his mouth. I ask that You open and close doors in both the natural and spiritual. I ask that you loose the spirit of peace, the spirit of clarity, the spirit of truth, the spirit of righteousness, and the spirit of accord. Fro whatever is binded on earth is bound in heaven and whatever is loose on earth is loosed in heaven. I ask that you renew this marriage and bring out things in the dark into the light. I ask Father that you remove this spirit of fear in this sister, for You did not give us the spirit of fear. I ask that You open up the husband’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of You and Jesus. I pray that he seeks and finds Jesus. Father let Your will be done. In Jesus name I pray. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Amen and amen!


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