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  1. warriorofchrist
    Sr. Member
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    When we sin, we open the door wide for the devil to come into our lives to do what he please in our lives. Some ways that we open the door for him is through unconfessed sin, hidden sin (those things we do behind closed doors when we think no body is looking), when our emotions are out of control, when we knowingly and unknowingly do things that displease the Father; if we are selfish, if we do not obey the Word of God, if we fail to pray for one another or love one another. It could a certain lifestyle that is displeasing to the Father, (still partying, smoking weed, drinking, cussing, lying, cheating, stealing or hanging with the same people you hung with before you were saved and doing the same things you did before you were saved). It could be the way we dress, or the way we act. It could be dwelling on a certain thought planted in your mind by the enemy and you act upon it.  The list goes on and on. When the devil gains access into our lives, that gives him a legal right to attack us in any and everyway possible. He cannot force his way into our lives, he needs our permission! And we give him permission when we fail to keep our lives clean before the Master, when we refuse to repent and forsake the sin in our lives, when we do not renew our minds by reading, studying, meditating and walking in obedience to the Word of God and when we fail to pray.

    If you have opened the door for satan to enter into your life, know that you are the only one who can shut that door. There will have to be some lifestyle changes! You will have to repent of that sin and forsake it and never turn that way again! Ask the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to empower you to say no to sin and yes to God.  It must be a constant effort to keep the door shut, to prevent the devil from coming back and bringing others along with him. You must be the one to tell him, he is not welcomed in your life and you must go! In Jesus Name! The Father wants to empower you to do just that. Have you given those areas of your life over to Him today?

    The only place the enemy belongs is under your feet!


  2. jbills01
    New Jersey
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    OMG!!  OMG!!! OMG!!!  This was definitely for me.  Over a year ago, we allowed Satan into our thoughts, next into our homes and heaven forbid my marriage has been destroyed.  I have thrown my husband out of our home and have not seen or heard from him since (a week ago).  However, I KNOW MY GOD!!  I am praying for reconciliation, forgiveness, trust to be rebuilt and for God to return my husband home so that we may commit our lives back to Christ and serve him whole heartedly.  I don’t care if we are torturing one another mentally, God can fix that.  I just ask that the Lord return him home this weekend so we can begin to rebuild.  I love my husband and I know he loves me.  I tend to act very emotionally and he shows no reaction at all.  But God is faithful to change EVERYONE!

    Reading this post was an eye opener and I instantly I realized the time, day and moment Satan entered into our homes.  Please pray for us!  We are definitely going thru it right now but I know my God to be a healer of all, a provider for all and HE WILL RESTORE OUR MARRIAGE!  I believe there is a testimony in all of this for us and if we just hold on we will survive and our love will thrive.  The fact that I am realizing that Satan tempts us in our thoughts let’s me know that God is on the job.  The thoughts he has given me lately have provided me with pure torment but right now I decree and declare NO MORE TORMENT FULL MARITAL RESTORATION!!!!  This too shall pass.  To all those that may read this, just remember….....  RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU!!!


  3. warriorofchrist
    Sr. Member
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    In the Name of Jesus, I pray that Jbills and her spouse would let go of all bitterness, indignation, wrath, passion, anger, rage, bad tempers, resentment, brawling and fighting, profane language, slander, abuse, evil speaking and ill will towards one another. I pray they become useful and helpful to one another, tenderhearted, compassionate, understanding, loving towards one another, forgiving one another as You have forgiven us in Christ. I pray they walk in Your love, one for another and look beyond the faults of one another and see the need. Now satan! I render you inoperative in their marriage. I come against the spirit of separation, strife, agruements and bitterness, hurt, woundedness and render them inoperative in their marriage. I loose the spirit of unity, compassion, love, healing, harmony, peace , happiness and forgiveness into their marriage and even into their hearts, in Jesus Name. I pray that You would speak to their hearts and their minds , heal the hurts and reconcile them back to one another.

    I thank You that both of them have come to their senses and have escaped out of the snares of the devil. Send healing and restoration to the marriage. Cause them to fall in love with one another as when they first met. Place a longing deep within their hearts for one another. I pray that as they grow in their relatioship, they will ALWAYS put Christ first. Bring them both to repentance and show them how to keep the door of the marriage close to satan and his demons.
    In Jesus Name


  4. morningstarr
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    I like what what you said about it is the devil legal right, now that is so true, when people act the way they do, dress the way they do, live the way they do, (my God) yes he has his rights, his right is eternal damnation for you, the devil knows where he is going and he is trying to carry as much as Gods people with him…  and yes only you can shut the door, you open it for the devil, well…kick him out and shut the door.  my God, my God what a word. what a word. Thank you