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  1. bonita54
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    Heavenly Father, I bow in worship and praise before you.I cover myself with the blood of JESUS CHRIST and claim the protection of the blood for my family, my finances,my home my spirit, soul,and body. I surrender myself completely in every area of my life to you. I take stand against all the working of the devil that would try and hinder me and my family from best serving you. I address myself only to the True and Living GOD,who has all power and control over everthing. Satan, I command you and all of your demon forces of darkness, in the name of JESUS CHRIST to leave my presence I bring the blood of JESUS CHRIST between the devil and my family, my home my finances, my spirit, soul and body. I declare, therefore, that satan and his wicked spirits are suject to me in the name of the Lord JESUS CHRIST. Furthermore in my own life today, I destroy and tear down all strongholds of Satan and smash the plans of Satan that have been formed against me and my family.I tear down the strongholds of the devil against my mind, and I surrender my mind to you, blessed Holy Spirit. I affirm Heavenly Father,that you have not given me the spirit of fear in the name of JESUS the Son of the Living God,and I refuse to doubt, refuse to worry, because I have authority(power) over all the powerof the ememy;and nothing by any means shall hurt me.I claim complete and absolute victory over the froces of darkness in the name of JESUS and I bind the devil and command him to loose my peace,joy,prosperity,and every member of my family for the glory of GOD and by faith I call it done.