Husband needs Job

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    Heavenly Father, today this sister commit every area of her family life to You. Lord, we trust that You will make up the difference and supply everything they need to fulfill Your purposes in their life. In Jesus Name. Amen.


  2. amylorine
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    Don’t Lose Faith!!! Remember God is in Control!  Pray and keep praying.  He answers prayers.  Make sure you are obeying God in everything so that nothing is hindering your prayers. Remember God is our provider.


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    Please receive this prayer and this Word…
    Our Father who is in Heaven who said that you sent your only son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but would have life and life in abundance I touch and agree with my sister and her husband that you have this job for them and that you are ordering their steps by your Word and that his feet will walk right into this building where this job is waiting for him. Father I declare and decree that you will open up the windows of heaven over this family and give them the keys of David so that the windows stay open. Father and I thank you that you will teach this family on financial and spiritual laws that will keep heaven’s resources open to them.
    I sign this decree in Jesus Christ’s signature.
    Please hear me-the US and many other nations are in an economy crisis, but the Word of God is not. This is a time when the pressure that the World’s economy is pressuring out what lys deep within us. If the Word of God is hidden in our heart this is what is going to stream out when we face these challenges-sister His Word never ever ever fails-please keep declaring His Word, not begging but declaring and you will see this Job and much more….Please get educated on spiritual laws on the tithe and you will see an open window from heaven. God does not change or lie-everything He stated on His Word is an absolute…
    God Bless you and keep you in His Kingdom… always


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    This is a prayer for woman whose husband has been looking for a job, please read other post.


  5. morningstarr
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    I say a prayer for you and your husband. Wife keep loving your husband no matter what, as a man…they will get frustrated, they know and they feel that they are the ones to hold up the household, take care of things, its whats in a real man, keep praying for your husband, don’t make him feel worthless, sometime wives, tend to push there husband away, help him to stay strong, and what ever you do, because you are his help mate, help meet…help meet some of the finances that needs to be taking care of. I want to say this also, let the mortgage company know always what is going on, keep all records, documents, what ever they sent you, send them a certified letter stating the lost of job, lost of income, don’t be scare what they say or do, you only can do the best you can, if you do see that one day you both will not be able to take care of a house, I know you want your house, and I pray all will be well…you might have to down size for a while, get a good less expensive apartment while you can, foreclosure take a while save what you can. Don’t give up. Anybody can fall in your situation…I do know me and my husband can. keep knocking, keep going a door will be open, and I tell people to go and find a job that they have not done, like Home Depot, Lowes, Drivers for hospital vans, hospital work etc…clean up the resume, everyday go out, dress like you are going to work, stay out 8 hours looking, have very good references and up to date phone numbers. I know… God worked it out for me.


  6. Angel04
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    I will be praying for both you and your husband.  May you both receive the answers you are so desperately in need of.  I myself have just recently lost my job and have been searching high and low.  Have faith because this too shall pass.  Always remember that God does not give us more than we can handle.  We may not understand why we are going through certain situations but He does.  He sees the big picture Therefore, he will lead us to answers.  God Bless.


  7. philamena
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    Please pray that my husband, who lost his job over a year ago, will find employment.  He has been diligently searching and been on several interviews, but every door has closed.  He has become very discouraged.  We may lose our house if our financial situation doesn’t turn around within the next few weeks.