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  1. BYOTM
    3   Posts

    Prayer request for my niece(Sr.Agnes KAMUKAMA a mother of 5 ) has been posessed by   evil spirits for the past 2 years that the lord god may release her.


  2. Bro.Stevie Mack
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    Father God, In the Mighty name of Jesus - You told us in your word that some demons come out by prayer and fasting!

    Father,  I pray NOW, for activation of the Holy Spirit in this woman and her family’s hearts. I pray they receive You into their hearts, so they can walk in unity with You. I pray that they will believe with their hearts and confess with their mouths and be saved. I pray that whatever is crooked in their lives will be made straight.

    I pray that, those believers in this woman’s life will pray for her heart and will to turm to You/God. Father, I pray your tender mercies toward this family as they endure this journey and walk closer with You!

    Father, I pray that as a result of these times of consecration and meditation on You/Lord and Your majestic and soveriegn power and Word - that these demons/evil spirits and strongholds that have taken hold of this woman and this family will come out in decency and in order as this woman and this family submits and surrenders to the WILL OF GOD in her/their life/lives.

    As we know that it is the annointing that destroys the yokes! It is not by our power, or our might that we pray this thing be done but it is by your Spirit, Lord - that we command this woman and family’s spirits, souls and bodies line up with You and Your word.

    Father, I pray that forgiveness of all those that have wronged her in the past as I pray for her to forgive and release them, too! I pray for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in this woman’s heart and mind. Father we know that your children are full of You and Your Spirit as our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and we are redeemed and cleansed by You.

    Father, cleanse Your daughter and this entire family from all traumatic experiences they’ve encountered along their journey, as well as mend their broken hearts, as Jesus was sent to mend our hearts and set us free from captivity! We believe, that anyone whom the Son of God sets free is free indeed and NO LONGER BOUND!

    So, I decree and declare that this woman and her family are Free from all power of the enemy as You/Lord, through the power of Your Spirirt, have given us power to tread upon the lion and the serpent.

    We and this woman and her family have dominion rule and authority over ALL power of the enemy! So, I the name of Jesus, I command all blinded eyes to see and all lies to be revealed so this woman and this family can see the truth!

    Lord, I pray that through your unfailing love and by Jesus’ stripes this woman and her family are healed - IN the mighty name of Jesus - I along with this family praise and worship You as we know there is not a perfect person but You are a PERFECT GOD.

    So, whatever has occurred in this family to harm them, I command it be turned around from the bad and used for their good! We give this woman and her family back to You, as the KIng’s heart is in your hands and You and only You turn it whatever way You will.

    So, I stand with unity and power of the Holy Spirit, believing and receiving that in all these things, they will and shall work out for the good of this family who loves You. I pray they will continually abide in You as You wiil abide in them.

    I thank You -Lord for unity; love; forgiveness; peace and joy as well as inner healing and deliverance of every member of this family as they draw nigh unto You!

    So, Father, In the Name of Jesus I bind every principality and power and ruler of darkness that is coming up against this family and all spiritual wickenss and strongholds that are attaching themselves to this family.

    I cancel every evil and wicked assignment and reverse every curse of the enemy back onto the enemy from whence they came and bind them all about his/the enemy’s neck.

    To every mountain, IN the Name of Jesus, I command them to be thou removed and cast into the sea!

    Father, In the Name of Jesus, I command all spirits of withcraft through the work of witches, warlocks or any vodoo or hodoo or any occultic behaviors be broken and removed from this woman and her family NOW IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! I loose the fruits of the Spirit of God over this family and the true and infailing and NEVER changing Word of God as Your Word is sharper than any two edged sword. Cut down and destroy these barriers, bondages and strongholds that hinder this woman and family from receiving their healing and deliverance. So, I bind all spiritual hindrancesand distractions and loose focus and meditation on the Word of God. For Your Word Lord is perfect, pure and true!

    I also bind all backlash from the enemy and loose Your hedge of protection around this family and this ministry and all attached and associated with this family as well as those intercessors and ministries praying for this family.

    Father God, go before this family and slay the path of the enemy and whatever is crooked make it, them and all of us straight and right with You.

    I thank You/Lord for brigning this family and all involved back into proper alignment with YOU and YOUR WORD! I love You Lord and Praise You for who You are and all that You have done for this family today. No more darkness but walking in the marvelous light of the Word/Lord. We thank You Lord that through Your Word,we are able to trust in You with all of our heart and lean NOT on our own understanding as we trust You at Your every Word because WE know You will never leave nor forsake us. As Ye thou we walk through the valley and the shadow of death, we fear NO EVIL for thou/YOU Lord are always with us/Right by our side! We know too, that the trials and tribulations WILL make a stronger. Today on behalf on this woman and her family, we pray for the manifested promises and blessings not of things but of MORE OF YOU! For YOU are truly MORE THAN ENOUGH!

    I decree and declare that the praise reports shall come forth from this family of healing and deliverance as so much more as these prayers are sealed in the Blood of Jesus! AMEN


  3. BYOTM
    3   Posts

    I praise and thank the Lord to have used Br.Stevie Mack to pray for our beloved daughter. Thank you Steve for these strong words of Jesus, I totally believe that the Lord God will honor your prayer and release Kamukama out of these evil spirit bondages. I ,too will spread the word to Agnes’ other family members and friends to do likewise and surely we shall communicate to you the expected outcome of this prayer.

    In his service,
    Agnes KAMUKAMA’s Auncle.


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