Urgent!! Prayer power needed - Financial blessing from the Lord! Please Help

  1. Carolyn Wuebbles
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    Father, when we ask we do ecpect to receive for it is by faith that we walk not by sight. In Jesus name, I agree with this prayer. amen.  love and blessings


  2. Desire4Christ
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    Dear All,

    I hope you are all well in the Lord.  Saints I ask you to pray for my family and I at this time. At present, my family and I reside in the UK, last year however due to a number of reasons we sent our eldest boy to an Adventist boarding school in Canada to complete his education. Through the grace of God, he is doing well and growing in the Lord, praise His name! Although times were hard then, due to economic changes,  increases in food prices, air fare, and general rises in the cost of living, having a new baby as well as experiencing a huge decrease in our finances, we found ourselves in position where we can’t pay the fees for the new academic year. We have to pay in full as he is classed as an international student in order to be issued a new visa. God has already made a way for the school to have blessed us with a $2000 discount via a bursary, but we still have at least $9000 more to find by the end of June.

    We believe deeply in the power of prayer and being impressed upon by the Lord I have posted this prayer in this forum to gain more power to our prayer. I pray brothers and sisters that you join our family in prayer over this situation. I truly believe God will come through on this one as He has delivered us so many times in the past and has never failed to deliver.

    Thanking you all in advance for your prayers,

    God Bless,