Bitter and Angry

  1. PatriciaBruton
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    Having un christian like thoughts in dealing with an ex of just recent 5 years. Went through hell and back. Prayed and prayed that God would get a hold of him and make him into the man I needed him to be as we do have a child together. I asked God please if thats not your plan for me and him then at least release me from this relationship and send him someone better suited to him that he can love and remove my feelings in regards to him and to send someone for me. Well God answered the second half because he is in a new relationship and I have turned into the stereotypical single black mother starting over. Going into the new year in a new apartment , just me and my daughter who is 3. Every time I see this man I get mad that he can give his heart and his, i love you’s so freely. I don’t feel he has the right to be happy so soon as its only been a couple of months. I need prayer to release all these negative feelings, spite, bitterness and anger. the bible says to not let the sun go down and still be angry but its really hard. I know this is blocking any blessings I may have coming and will damage any new relationship with my future husband. I already know 2012 is gonna be better for me and my daughter i just need prayer for working on the baggage…...... Signed….. progress in work


  2. queenie729
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    Dear Sister in Christ,

    You have to forgive this man, not for his sake but for yourself. God says if we do not forgive others, He will not forgive us. This is not about him it is about you. Forgiving him will release the power you have given him over you. I totally understand where you are at. I had to learn that it is not want a person does to you but it is about how you respond. God is not going to ask what they did but what did you do. You have a daughter with this man and you need to make peace for her sake and yours. Releasing someone who has hurt ot offended you releases the power they have over you and it is the power you are giving to them. Having bitterness and angry can only lead to more devasting spirits such as murder,hatred and it will consume every part of you. I am talking from experience it can take you to places that you would not even believe that exist. In hold on to all this bitterness and anger you will eventually not recognize yourself and will not be able to touch God. My sister let go and let God!!!! God is a healer of broken hearts and He will mend your heart and you will come to love this man as a person and see him through God eyes. No one person can be your everything and no one can fill the places that where only meant for God. God is to be your all and all. I had to learn this the hard way. If you love something more than you love God, He says I am a jealous God and I will have no other before me. Surrender your heart and soul to God and He will restore all that was taken. I am have learned to love God with everything in me and I am still in the process but it feels so good to know that God loves me unconditionally and that He will never leave me nor forsake me. You have got to pray for God to teach you to see people thorugh His eyes and for Him to give you the love for them that HE has for them. Tell God how you feel and then ask Him to help you to let go of what you feel and to repalce it with His love. Don’t be angry that he has moved on just know that God has something better for you. Sometimes we pray a prayer then when God answer the way we did not expect we get angry but know that God knows what is best for us because He can see what we cannot see. This is the time for you to let God love you and for you to know what real love feels like take it from me. Once you know God’s love you won’t settle for anything less that what you are worth. Take this time ot love yourself and your daughter and not focus on the past. I am praying for you and praying with you that God will release everything in you that is not like Him and that you will represent His glory. Read Eph 4:6, Ps 37:7-8, Prov 14:29, Prov 29:22 and James 1:19-20, Matt 6:12, Mk 11:25, Lk 6:35,37, Eph 4: 31-32, and Col 3:13. Be blessed and know that God loves you!!!!


  3. TimicaD
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    My sister in Christ it was meant for me to read your prayer.  I too am in a situation such as yours.  So, I totally understand where you are coming from.  I couldn’t stand to look at this man, it hurt me so to see him and to hear from him.  Our baby is about to be 5 months,he’s not in a relationship so to say, but he’s having relation and it bothers me, but it wasn’t until I turned my focus toward God that i began to have peace.  Don’t get me wrong I’m human (no excuse), but I have gotten out of character and used my tongue to destroy.  God can only heal you if you choose to let him and letting him you must first Forgive this man.  Just as the other sister said forgiveness isn’t for the other person it’s for you.  Being Bitter and Angry will only keep you in bondage.  The enemy is loving your attitude right now because your blessings are being blocked.  We are all different but for me staying in the word much as I can, staying connected with other Christian women, and reading spiritual books as well as the look on my son face is what has made me strong.  We must be strong for our children and to be angry and bitter this is feeding his eagle as well.  WE are women of God and there is no man on this earth worth us loosing out on what the LORD has for us.  Dont worry about him and what he’s doing before long the man the Lord has for you (could even be him) will be presented to you, but in the meanwhile seek God and stay in prayer and all he has for you will be delivered.  DO NOT DELAY YOUR BLESSING ANOTHER MIN. BY BEING ANGRY AND BITTER OVER THIS MAN. 

    I pray for you!!!!

    Your sister in Christ.