Thank GOD for life

  1. c thomas
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    I like to thank GOD for this day, and continual prayer for my family. In need of a blessing!!


  2. satelitesarahnell(M)g
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    So we can Glorify and Praise his name the Heaven Angelic Kingdom of Men are welcoming us in as we are his job well done while our men were being in 1 Samuel being circumuncise for the New Testament. 

    Man spoke about Christ so we will have a comforter on our side for Fasting and Prayer to wash our sins away and to lead us into the right direction as we overcome the enemies of our pass to our future this is why we must read the old and the new for full understanding and accepting the Gifts from God in ICor and IICor through the HolySpirit to speak to our Father in his lanuage and words of edifing our appreciation and love for his bring forth his only true son so men can see why it was in the form of a man, but not a Angel.

    As a new begining created forming to bring the Holiness to the Nations in a mighty way that Men can stand with God in Honesty, Love and forever more to worship his name in Power and in Truth as I studied the truth of the Angels today more understanding because I kept seeing my own son as this Angel before me and I need confirmation God always place a interpreter or a messager to give light on his word or his pondering

    In power and in strength we give so much time to shopping at this time of the year some churches even stop practicing Gods Word, but as a messager of God and the Angels was inside of me I continue my prayer and knowledge of him so I can collect more evident of the reason for men and why my love in intermecy is there when I know Christ is purity that set the seen for us even during stedfasting.

    And how doctors fit in the place that can show how and why this biblical think can go a long way even doing miracles for God , Christ and the HolySpirit. As I was called at the age of 12 Phil 4:3 4:6 God knew my future so I continue to follow him and not man so I can recieve favor in his eyes he explain to me why woman can not do what man can (Our bodies can not take the blows like a man But God built us women for man) at the age of 30 having birth was a full understanding of my doctrine from the medical world to ministry of God Heavenly Thrown as you spoke to me in church of my calling in Luke 1:13 and Luke 10:23 and in the 10Chpter of Rev I see now God why the Angels or as important as messager for you go with understanding it’s powerful from God likehood is with the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth

    In Christ Name 2269 Amen

    December 22, 2011 at 12:47 PM


  3. CJWhite
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    Thank You LORD, for being my Father, my Healer, my Provider, my Husband, my Defence, my Fortress, my Shield, my Refuge, my Deliverer, my Teacher, my Comforter, my Alpha, my Omega, and my All in All. Glorious God, I thank You, Gracious God, I thank You, Merciful God, I thank You, my Judge, I thank You. My Advocate, I thank You. You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I will serve you till the end of my life. Thank you Father, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!