Favor, Mercy and Grace

  1. lsjcksn@yahoo.com
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    Thank God for His Word and for His love and kindness and forgiveness.  My prayer request for today is that I am able to withdraw God’s Mercy and Grace for a situation in my life for consequences to my sin. I have a court date on January 24th and I paid a lawyer $500.00 and back in August (situation happend in March 11) now he wants $1000.00 and I don’t have it. Not working but going to school and doing very well and about to finish on Feb. 6th and then start my externship.  I pray for this case to be dismissed otherwise I will lose everything.  I confessed my sins and repented.  All I have is God’s support….....Praise be unto God.

    Thank you!!!!


  2. CJWhite
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    Pray Psalm 35:1-2 for LJ
    Plead his cause, O LORD, with those who strive with him;
    Fight against those who fight against him.
    Take hold of shield and buckler,
    And stand up for his help.

    Please plead his cause for him Lord. Let him be found to be innocent. Thank you Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


  3. galichris
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    We give You praise Master!
    Glory to God.