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    Swedish Church’s fasting campaign

    Fundraising for the world’s hungry

    16 000 children are expected to die every day from hunger, and every sixth man on the planet can not eat his fill. During Lent, which begins on Wednesday, putting the Swedish Church once again focus on hunger.

    Fasting campaign is an old tradition in the Swedish Church. In 47 years the annual ongoing collection campaigns during Lent, with a particular state location purposes. This year it is the second year of the three that world hunger is the target of the campaign, entitled Everything to eradicate hunger.
    Claes Ankarman, campaign manager at the Swedish Church, says that the goal is to collect 40 million until April 1, when the campaign ends on palms Sunday. Congregations across the country does his part with bazaars, flea markets, concerts and of course the collections, to the target to be reached.
    The money will include going to the relief effort in the Horn of Africa, where the need for assistance continues to be acute.
    - We continue our support in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, says Claes Ankarman
    Reporter By Varlden i dag.se
    Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in Sweden