Husband in need of Deliverance

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    Father please lift us up and let us stand on Holy ground; all other ground is sinking sand around us.  Guide my husband’s feet to keep him from swiftly running to mischief. Order his steps in your word so that he will not continue to sin against you.  Father, take the pleasure out of his sin and the desire.  Separate him from these things as far as the east is from the west and never let them come up again.  Destroy the yoke of sin and break the ties that keep him in bondage…I come against any deception, addiction and generational curses with the blood of Jesus.  Let him be a doer of your Word and let him not be able to disregard those things that You have spoken to him.  Let your conviction land on him like a ton of bricks. Let him not be able to rest until he is in right standing with you.  God commission ministering spirits to guide his thoughts and laborers to harvest this soul for the Kingdom.  I claim my husband for the Kingdom of GOD.  Take the scales off his eyes and the shackles off his mind.  Fill him with your Spirit.  Bind his body soul and spirit to truth and righteousness.  Make plain his pathway to righteousness and establish your plans for him.  Write your will and purpose on the tablets of his heart.  Make an impression in his mind so that he will have vision.  Father God draw him close to you as only you can. 
    Thank you for the brook where we receive water and bread for life.  Father I look to you to give the increase for spiritual growth and the evidence of the fruits of the spirit. 
    and Father thank you for teaching me how to pray and to how to become an overcomer.  Teach my hands to do war and help me to win every battle.  Help me not to become weary while I wait for you.  Help me to see the good in the land in which I have labored. Give me the courage and the strength to go on even when it doesn’t look right.  Let me see the end of my hope.  Let me not be put to shame or reproach. For you only are my hope.  Encouragae my soul and help me to look to you as my portion; not mere man.  Father hedge us in with warring angels so they can help to quench and block EVERY dart from the enemy.  Bring us together on ONE accord in your Spirit and bind us together like a three-fold cord that is not easily broken.  You said if I ask In Jesus Name that you would do it.  Father, please Glorify your name in my marriage and in my husband.


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    Yes honey a lot of man and woman need delivance when you can’t trust a granddad, uncle and mommy’s boyfriend around a little girl it’s some men that need delivance and women for having those type of men around her daughter when thats the only things some men thin or k of a female it when they have in between their leggs.  Some don’t care what the sleep with that’s why I sleep with my 38, 22 or 357 at all time as I prayed that they woman in Duluth GA would keep shooting until all bullets are out as he broke in her house as she was in her private home I would not live in this State with Marshall Arts Protection or a Weapen and I am not talking forming aganist me.  I warned uncle and boys and my brother at a early age I am legal to kill

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