Prayers for Rick

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    I agree with your prayer for his healing! Lord we thank you in advance for it! Let him be better than before. In Jesus’ name, amen!


  2. Ms. Drexlee
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    Dear SF Family,  please join me in prayer this morning as I pray for my supervisor Rick.  He called in sick today because he lost his voice.  He also suffers from sleep apnea.  He recently stayed overnight at the local hospital’s sleep clinic so he could get fitted for a C-Pap machine, which is some type of device a person wears at night to provide the extra oxygen needed for a person with sleep apnea.  His case of sleep apnea was so severe, however, that they were unable to regulate the machine to his abnormal breathing while asleep.  He is waiting for his doctor to come up with another solution.  As you all could probably guess, that process is frustrating!

    Dear Heavenly Father in the kingdom of Heaven,  I ask that you touch and heal Rick this morning dear Lord.  Oh mighty Physician in the sky, we believe that you are able!!!  Able to raise the dead and heal the sick Lord.  According to James 5;15, “The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well.”  We are your precious faithful servants oh Lord, and we believe in your power!!  We ask that you bring wisdom to Rick’s doctors, and come up with a solution to heal, yes heal Rick’s sleep apnea dear God.  We thank you for Rick and all the help he provides us, his co-workers, and all of your work dear God that he provides to this community.  We will give you all the honor and glory Jesus.  You are worthy!  Blessed be your holy name.  In Jesus name we pray.  AMEN


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