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  1. Leonardo7
    Stone Mountain, Georgia
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    John 15:18 “When the world hates you, keep in mind they hated me first.” This is what Jesus says I urge you to hold on to your faith and watch God make your enimies your footstools just as he did so for Jesus. Don’t ever forget Romans 8:37 ” No in all things you are more than a conquer through that loved you” Jesus has already shed blood so that you might have victory over the situation. Just have faith all things really do work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.


  2. Princess345
    10   Posts

    Can you please pray for me to get reinstated on my job. I was wrongfully terminated off my job because my supervisor, manager, director and coworkers lied on me to get me off the job and I was wrongfully terminated because they did a inspection which had the same information and it shouldn`t have had the same information from two employees and they lied like i didn`t know how to do my job and I know that was true because I did that particular job twicw before I was hired on that job but Shontell, Ramona, Willie earl carter and my aunt Geraldine and some other co workers work against me because they dislike me and I will be filing a grievance to get reinstated or I will be filing a lawsuit so please pray that I have favor in what ever direction God want me to go in whether it to try ti get reinstated or get a lawyer to file a lawsuit. Thanks for your prayers and please pray for my son Phillip that is in basic training that he will have the endurance, strength, tolerance,protection in the air force. Thank for your prayers. Marsha