Why did the priests do not vote for council elections? FINLAND

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    The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church of the highest governing body, kirkolliskokus, was selected for the next four-year term in February. Most striking result of the voting results of the priests was a low turnout.

    Mikkeli diocese, which includes Kouvola Association of Evangelical Churches, clergy, their voices gave only 65 per cent. Lay person and the election turnout was 85

    Kouvola parish pastor of a leading hospital Petra Sainio estimates that the right to vote could not have been spent, for example, when you contact your local council for action at the local level the work is taking shape. Sainio, however, believes that the Kouvola parish clergy voted a lot.

    The Kouvola messages sent by the priests, the group’s questionnaire responses provided indicate that the group voted in favor of the priests, the diocesan level, although the activity was not seen.

    Read more about Sunday’s Kouvola Sanomat.
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