Putin declared the winner - supporters elated RUSSIA

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    Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has declared winner of presidential elections in Russia. Putin says victory over an “open and honest struggle”.

    Putin, the country’s president after the elections in the first round. Season Putin is the third in Russia’s supreme leader.

    According to poll Putin is getting about 58-59 percent of the vote. Preliminary results predict Putin, about 60 percent of catches.
    Profit was overshadowed by allegations of election fraud across the country. Central Election Committee of the significant fraud has not happened.
    Late in the evening about one hundred thousand people gathered in Moscow to the center to show more popular Putin. Some participants, however, reported that they had been forced into the scene.
    - We do not support him, but the bosses forced us out here. We have jobs and families, we can not afford to lose them, remained anonymous man said.
    Subject: Russia’s 2012 elections
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