Listen to the Titanic have survived from the Finnish interview



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    Listen to the Titanic have survived from the Finnish interview

    Evening Times publishes excerpts from a rare interview lunauhasta that Titanic was Finnish Anna Turja tells his own experiences throughout the world, shocked the sinking of the ocean-going cruiser.
    In this extract from Anna Turja tells how he was saved: the moment when the Titanic struck the iceberg on the side until he reached the Carpathia, the ship to safety.

    Oulainen born Anna Sofia Turja was 18-year-old girl by her half-sister Mary and her husband emigrated to the United States gave me the inspiration to go. Anna was saved from the Titanic rescue boat No. 15

    In 1974, the coffin playing Simon and Leila Fabric sukuloimassa her children were in the United States when they visited on the family at Ashtabula, Ohio. Sunday in the church, they met Anna Ter, who was then already more than 80 years of age. Turja asked the Finnish family, church kahveille home.

    - Let’s hope our friends to the beach I mentioned the Titanic survivors, and perhaps even love to tell about it. Then I got the idea to record the discussion and I lent her Toivolta C-cassette recorder, Simo Kangas says.

    The cassette was recorded on a rare piece of Finnish history: the sinking of vividly remembered the bright I give the report.

    Juha Peltonen landings by C-tape an interview published in full text at the end of March, appearing in the book Titanic - Finnish immigrants sunk dreams (Alfamer).

    Evening Times digitize the tape and publishes readers to hear excerpts from the interview audio files. This self-readers to hear how and in what tone of Anna Turja told a hundred years ago their experiences.

    Reporter by Timo Myllyniemi

    Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in Sweden