My Life Travels And Relationships

  1. Rozzaly
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    Traveling to Ghana Sat…my friend Friday….1. I would like to pray for Gods protection and guidance in travels there , while we are there and on the way back
    2. that my Friends engagement goes well and that everyone works together and gets along and it is not stressful
    3. for me that I wont be scared but trust God for my travels and while I am there and that I wont let insecurity, lies of the enemy and fear rule me and ruin my trip
    4. that the people/persons that misrepresent me, and take advantage of me, and that say all kinds of evil things to and about me after all I have done is help them, will know God is my God and I am his child and he is with me
    5. still looking for a place to keep my dog while I am gone that I can afford…and ultimately just peace of mind for my life and my God
    I have had so many bad friendships and relationships I need Gods comfort and peace to know that there is a true friend out there , and if he would have a true male companion for me too…astonished sometimes at how people treat you while, or after you have given your best and your all .....# God stay with me at all times to keep me encouraged