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    I asked God that the next woman that he brought into my life would be the one he had made just for me. I had just recovered by a miracle from a heart attack and stroke that had occurred in the same week that happened a year before. I was researching Slavic culture and “stumbled onto” a blog written by a Russian woman who had emigrated from Russia to America. On her blog in the right margin were some photos of women’s faces. I clicked one thinking that the photo would enlarge. Instead I was directed to a website that allowed women from Russia and Ukraine meet men from the West. I explored the site for two days or so and then I saw a picture of a normal looking girl that you would find next door. I clicked on her photo and read what she wrote about herself. She said that she was a Godly woman that was raised with traditional family values and that she was seeking a Godly man whose focus would be family and not his job and that her chosen man would have to love and obey God and be a loving father and husband, and family pastor. I wrote her a short note. She replied and asked if we could chat. I had a little time before work so we talked for a half hour. She enjoyed our talk so much that she asked if we chat again the next day at the same time. These chat dates turned into an everyday event. We talked everyday for an hour at least for nine months at which Yulia decided that her search was over and that I was the one she wanted. I felt the same way about her because during our chats each day we found that we were a perfect match. We shared the same values and ideas on family and raising children , we both enjoy doing the same things out doors and we both share the same conservative political views, and we both love God. In August 2008 I flew to visit her for two weeks. Our love only intensified during our visit I knew that God had given me my bride at long last. I returned from my trip and the next week lost my job. I was devastated, how was I going to file the paper work for Yulia’s K-1 visa without me working? I searched for a job six hours a day six days a week and after three years I was blessed with a new job at half the pay I had before. Yulia and I communicated by email for those three years. Sometimes I would call her on the phone and have short conversations with her. English is not Yulia’s best language so our phone calls were short and rare. I would send her a short text message each night so that she could read it in the morning to know that she was in my thoughts. I was the best husband to be that I could be for her from 6000 miles away. Now this spring I was planning on being her birthday present for her 30th birthday in May and spend three weeks with her to talk about doing her visa paperwork and to spend time with her to practice being a couple. Sadly she informed me that she needed her man there with her and that she needed her kisses and hugs and was with another man and they wanted to marry in a few months. Now I am in an intense battle to have God restore Yulia and mine’s relationship before she marries this guy. I do not think that God is a part of this new relationship. I did nothing wrong except be too far away to hold her and give her the affection that she needed. I love her and her family more than words could say and I feel as if my huge loving heart has been ground into Hamburger. I am praying that God would soften and turn her heart back to me and that our beautiful loving relationship be totally restored. Yulia would sign her email letters to me using my last name, and in our spirits and hearts we considered ourselves to me married to each other and the ceremony would be a formality I was planning on marrying her in the park on a sunny spring day this year. Now I am fighting the fiercest spiritual battle I have ever fought in my entire life to restore this relationship. Ukrainian men are not the best husbands and they have a bad history of treating women badly. The country has a 70 percent divorce rate. I do not want Yulia to be a single divorced mother in a country that is hard to live in to begin with. Please pray with me for God to finish the work that he started in our relationship.


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