satan the LORD REBUKES YOU takeyour hands off this child



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  1. satelitesarahnell(M)g
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    With many others who have not had the chance to live God give them your grace and love so they can learn of you in their Holiness and that they can learn to say I Love you Lord don’t allow satan to devour them they want your Spirit within their minds and body.  Teach them God as you taught me give them your Holinness, Truthfulness, your Mystery and your gifts among each of them especial the two young men I share my time with at the store.

    Love Teacher Dr and Minister
    Sarah Nell (M) Gray


  2. wounded
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    SAints,Warriors please pray much that satan takes his hands of this child &her; family for
    she is getting very tired &stressed;.her husband has not had steady job in4yrs.the only
    car(she drives to work)they have is broke down.she has 4 find boys ages13,7,4,2 whom
    I’m afraid if they continue to see cars towed away,toys clothes thrown out,living in house
    this winter no heat,lights turned of,that they may have problems later,please pray with me that jay gets the job at the hospital in dietary so they will have some income,pray that
    what is wrong with the car is small so she will be able to get it fixed,pray that JESUS comes soon lay his hand on car &job; daughter is getting very tired and
    stressed out.BLESSED BE GOD she needs FAVOR and a blessing from the master the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS>

                                                  Thank you