daycare business in serious trouble

  1. cvmack
    chicago heights
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    Please pray for me. Every repair “The city of Chgo Hts.” has informed us to do to open the daycare has been completed.However,the code enforcer randomly shows up
    stating other things to doWhen done he questions licensed contractors work and states we’ll have to schedule an appointment with the building inspector.He keeps verbally
    telling us to do things causing days to pass without us opening ,we keep complying.
    Today unknown to us he sent out an electrical inspector,though we have no electrical
    violations.This was unscheduled and again random.He is consistently setting up road blocks.He knows my concern is our parents will leave.This has been going on since
    4/25/12.We completed all repairs promptly but keep hitting road blocks with this gentlemen.I’ve been having trouble sleeping & consistant stomach pains.I know this is the devil.All of it.Please agree with me in prayer,bind the enemy and all road blocks are loosed and we can promptly open and run this business according to the God’s will


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