son’s tuition

  1. Gumbo728
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    Yes, and know that August does not want your son’s money nor your son, because it was already reported about what happened in April.

    So me laugh and say, “what a waste, son’s tuition not paid because he spent money on a prostitute.

    Like what the dumb prodigal did.

    But you must move on from August because if you don’t, a red sea experience will take place.

    August is not interested in son because son loves to lay with whores and witches, and wonder why he is so dumb.

    Me love December, March, February, August.

    Wish you well.



  2. cvmack
    chicago heights
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    I need to submit the balance on my son’s tuition ASAP so he can take finals on 5/24/12.
    We’ve had considerable financial difficulties since April 2011.I make sure I submit tithes and offerings to my church.Most of my bills are past due.Please agree with me in prayer that God works in our behalfI .Iwork however,have been getting paid late from the state of Illinois for over a year.