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  1. Shirelle
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    Dear Father,

    There is a neurological disorder called Autism that is affecting the lives of your children at a rate of 1 in 88 births. You have placed me on this earth to teach and help these children and I have now been doing this for 10 years.I pray that the rate doesn’t continue to increase but that the rate starts to decrease…. I absolutely love my career and I thank you for this gift you have bestowed upon me, but it has now hit close to home. My sister waited 34 years to have a baby and gave birth two years ago to a beautiful baby boy who has been diagnosed with Autism. I know the struggles that this disorder causes on families and I pray to you that you lay hands on my nephew and heal him from this disease. I pray that all the therapists that you have blessed him with are providing him with the best therapy and that a miracle will arise from it. I pray that my nephew will miraculoulsy overcome this disorder and be provided with all the opportunities in life that a typical child has, I pray that he will be able to talk, read, write, play with peers, control his emotions and build relationships, in Jesus’ name AMEN.


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