God grant favor and mercy in court case

  1. lynette1947
    Maplewood NJ
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    My nephew Blake Mayers has a court case; but, the scheduled date is not yet know. I ask for Pastor Powell and the prayer line community to pray that Blake will turn his life around and seek God’s face, and ask forgiveness. Please pray for favor in his court hearing. Thanking God for favor, right now. Please pray for my sister, Meigan Mayers, Blake’s grandmother, who is faithful and obedient to God’s word and will.

    Pastor Powell, one of your members, Sharon Hardy, encouraged me to listen to your Prayer line, last year. She said it will be on for one more week, because, it was scheduled for 2 weeks, back then.  I was going through a very difficult time with my daughter, (her name is Sharon, too) when Sharon Hardy called me, she heard it in my voice, that I was dealing with “something” . She asked me what was wrong, and I shared my problem with her. She prayed for me and encouraged me to listen to the prayer line!  I did, and I am still listening, everyday, to the prayer line. Pastor, I ask God to give you the strength, fortitude and the wisdom, to continue this Prayer line; because, I cannot imagine starting my day wiithout it.  The prayers and the blessings that you speak on our lives on the prayer line, gives me such peace, nothing bothers me, anymore. I have such peace. My challanges are still there; but, I don’t handle them anymore - God does, and I just sit back and enjoy God’s blessings, daily!!

    I encouraged my sister to listen to the Prayer line, and she is also “hooked” on it. When we speak, daily, we have discussions about the “Prayer line” and the prayers and subject of the Prayer line, for the day!

    God bless you and your ministries, and all who assist in this wonderful prayer line ministry.

    Please pray for my daughter Sharon Richardson, too. I pray that she finds the Peace of God, and stop looking for peace in all the wrong places. I believe my “breakthrough” for my daughter is coming, I just don’t know when….until then I will remain faithful and in prayer!! God Bless.

    Kathleen Richardson