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  1. toniwilson
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    Father God I Love you, and i thank you. God you are worthy and good and on your promises i stand. You are the potter and i have become a pile off broken clay. I pray that you continue to use me and that i become what it is you will have be to be and not my will my immediate family is all over the place and we are broken and we are serious need of restoration and unity. That has all ways been the desire of my heart. I have loss so much since October 2011 to the present day and still counting i am learning to surrender my self to you Lord, and i promise i will not let go, holding on to bless me Lord you said it in your word and the word can not lie because you are the God of order not destruction. My family love God we need a house because my bad handling of my fianances i loss our home I have five children. My oldest son is in jail (Ronald) , my second son goes to Morgan and have to rent a room with neighbors, my third child Brittany goes to Towson and she lives with my sister,my forth child had a baby at 14 my grand child is now 5 going on 6 and they are on the verge of being in the street as well as me also my fifth child is living with the parent of his best friend from the neighbor hood where we use to live and me i live with a woman how rent rooms out in her house i was in a relationship but it became abusive and violent my head is up because of the love of God and the love i have for myself. So my prayer request be tool for help for me as well as another.


  2. sangrace55
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    Please pray that God will restore my finances.  That I will be able to keep my house and car and pay my bills.  That God will deliver from the addiction that caused this problem in the first place.  Please ask God for restoration and deliverance.  I pray that I will return to my close walk with the Lord and that all that I do and say will give God the glory.