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  1. Lakeshia313
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    I pray that someone will stand in agreement with me in praying for me, my husband and our son. We have been seperated for almost two years and after many months of trying to reconcile with my husband on my own (to no avail) ...Ive done what I should have done in the beginning…Surrender my problems to the will of God.

    Father God in the name of Jesus I thank you father God for right now, for prayer, for keeping me and my family. I pray for your will to be done in my life and others. I thank you Lord for providing for me and loving me inspite of it all. I come to you today with a heavy and humble heart praying for me and my family. Me and husband have been apart for almost two years and finally Im leaving the will of my marriage in your hands.

    I pray that you reunite us as we once were. In Jesus name I pray Lord that you renew us both, wash us clean of our sins and change us for the better. I pray for understanding, discernment and the patience to see my prayers come to fruition.

    Lord help me to be still so that I can hear you speak too me. Open my heart and my ears Lord and pour your word into my soul. I know you love me Lord and I love you. I just want my husband to feel your love as well as mine. I miss my husband immensely and I pray father that you put your hands over our marriage and protect us as you work with us to be better people, better for one another. I miss him Lord and I pray that you fill that void with your love for me. There is so much temptation out here in the world and I know that its false evidence appearing real (F.E.A.R.)

    I pray for patience Lord and ask for forgiveness for any sins that I’ve committed knowingly and unknowingly. The world has changed us and I pray that you restore our faith in you and each other. My husband is still in the world and I pray that you protect him and humble his heart to know you and his family love him and need him. Your worthy of my praise and I give my problems to you father while I be a steward of your word.

    I know your working on me because I can see it and I can feel it. My thoughts are different and every since I surrendered I have been under attack by the enemy…being under attack isnt good but being able to recognize it is. I pray that you build a hedge of protection around me and my family. I pray for continued faith and obedience.

    My family is very important too me and I pray that you keep us safe from hurt harm or danger…so that we may be stewards of your word. I know that you can do miraculous things and I praise you and my faith is anchored in you. I am a believer. I stand in the gap for my husband and I will pray for the both of us…all of us. Him, myself and our son. We need you Lord!!! I dont want to lose my husband to the world…what God put together let no man put usunder. In Jesus name…Amen!

    L. Sanders


  2. Carolyn Wuebbles
    Sr. Member
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    Father, I do agree with this beautiful and heartfelt prayer of this sister and I ask that You will send the right person to this husband that he would have a change of heart for his wife and this family will become one again and in total unity as well as in Your word. I ask all in Jesus name. amen. love and blessings to you. I do a daily teaching and I would like to send it I also will write when you contact me. Please feel free to write to me anytime. love ya


  3. jesISblessed
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    Lord Jesus I come standing in agreement with this woman of God praying for reconciliation for her marriage. Your word says that you hate divorce and to let no man put asunder what you have joined together. Lord you are a reconciling, renewing and ressurecting God. So we are asking that you would breathe your breath of life back into this union. I pray that you would get this husbands attention and let him hear your call to salvation first and foremost and then bring him home to his family. I pray that you would contiue to strengthen this sister in her stand. Have mercy on this marriage for your name sake and glory. In Jesus name we pray amen.

    this is a great website for a person who is standing for the restoration of their marriage( you shoul check it out.



  4. Lakeshia313
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    Thank you for praying with me.
    The Lord said, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  ~ Mathew 18:20
    Simply put thank you for being there for me. Although this journey has been a hard one I am not giving up.

    Thank you and continue to be a blessing.


  5. jesISblessed
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    No problem.Be encouraged, God is able to do exceeding and abundantly above all you could ask or think. You are absolutely correct “WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER LET NO MAN( INCLUDING YOUR HUSBAND) PUT ASUNDER. GOD HATES DIVORCE AND WILL GIVE US THE DESIRES OF OUR HEARTS IF WE SEEK HIM AND OUR DESIRES LINE UP WITH HIS WILL. Your prayer lines up with his will.

    God Bless you and your FAMILY.


  6. MsGiGi
    Sr. Member
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    Father God, I join in with this woman of God and all the other saints who have prayed on her behalf.  We praise You for who You are, knowing that You do all things well.  Nothing about this marriage has taken You by surprise.  We realize that You are in control, and so we bow to Your will.  I pray that Your perfect will be done in the life of this family.  I thank you for the victory in Jesus’ name.  Amen