Prayers for my daughter

  1. maetalley
    beaumont, tx
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    I would like for you warriors in Christ to pray for my daughter to get scholarships to attend college in 2014.  My daughter is an A student.  she works hard and is an angel.  I pray for God to open the doors of opportunity and financial blessings for my daughter to obtain a full scholarship to a university in Texas.  Thanks you for helping me bring this humble petition to the throne of grace and mercy.  I know that it is already done.


  2. Dayfam
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    Dear God I pray for maetalley daughter to receive full scholarship (s) to attend college in Texas.  I pray funds reign in and all financial needs are met.  In Jesus Name Amen.
    Dear God I also pray for maetalley to do this one thing.  I pray no offense is taken for my concerning prayer.  Dear God I pray for awareness of sexual assault for maetalley daughter while on college campus.  I pray she is aware of the intent of people and that it is for her good before allowing others to gain her trust and that she then allows herself to be in no bad company.  The rise of sin on college campuses forces me to pray this prayer for this young girl.  The times have changed and many are not aware of what is a concern on the college campus today. I pray maetalley daughter be aware and always keep safety in mind and find good christian friends to be accountable to and to look out for each other. Here is the most recent statistic: It’s estimated that one in five college students is sexually assaulted. Again, I pray this does not alarm maetalley but arms maetalley with information to tell her
    daughter to keep her safe from harm and just as beautiful and free spirited when she leave the university as when she arrived. I was victimized and I feel led to share what is happening all across this country.  Your love is evident in your email and i feel moved to pray this prayer that safety of God surround your daughter and that she be informed also.  Awareness always affords change for the better!  In Jesus Name, Amen.