MY Daughters marriage and my marriage

  1. sandypope
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    Please pray for my daughters marriage and my marriage! I have been standing on Gods word for my marriage to be restored! and I know its already done in Jesus name! Ive give all my hurt to God! And Gosd has given me peace! My daughters marriage is broken up also and she hurts so much she tries not to act like it but shes letting bitterness into her heart so pray that God has restored her marriage and mends her heart and help her and him to forgive themselfs and to love each other! thank you and may God bless u all!


  2. Dayfam
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    i pray for restoration by God’s will.  I pray for her to get her ownlife together and in great emotional health in the mean time. men are mostly clueless oftentimes and women are much brighter. In Jesus Name Amen