I Need a FINANCIAL Miracle Now of $2,500



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  1. josephblythe
    Atlanta GA
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    Prayer Request
    A few years ago God provided me with over thousands of dollars of books and information for Android & Java. I developed a series of Apps called Scripture view confessional apps. Through time and research God showed me how to monetize (make money on the back end of the app) while giving it away free. The series of Apps are on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Joseph+Blythe&c=apps

    Fast forward: Through my own way I been working day labor jobs, seeking employment, being turned down over 99% of the time, I am a 55 year old black man that is a college drop out. On my day labor job, I have been given the “week off” with no steady income. My prayer request is that God give me a financial miracle of $2,500 NOW to pay rent and support my future family.
    I need a supernatural touch move from God. I can remember in the past how when I prayed and heard from God things did happen, (I should know I was there). I am in desperate need of a financial miracle I ask that God move and I been praying and speaking Millions of Downloads & income from this Air push(network) that Scripture view is on.