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    I am asking prayer for my family to be delivered from the spirit of Vagabond, curse of Vagabond. I have been saved, filled with the holy ghost since 1989, and I have been fighting with this spirit. I am asking God to show me where it entered into our family. Part of I believe entered because my mom is a witch, and now she is deathly ill with cancer, so I don’t know if she is still practicing. Every time God blesses my family, or me, I loose it, something happens, where we are moved from one house to the next, living in hotels, although there is money to afford all of it, new car, something happens where I loose it, or can’t pay for it, my children struggle to suceed in school, two are high school drop outs, was a special education student, graduated but still has to get his GED to get in college…...This has been happening to me since I married their father , who has never taken care of these kids, I divourced him in 1989, he was on crack, abusive, and had this same spirit on him. Now he is re-married, stable, and still does nothing for his children.  It’s like I have to constantly stay in my closet praying in order for us to at least stay stable and have money in life. I am an Executive Project Consultant, and just recently after God open the door with a 45,000 increase, we had to move again because of the noise and distrubance my son was causing, and God brought us to this place where we are now, and I was taken off the project for no good reason, I did experience a lot of jealousy, but this is a result of the Vagabond spirit I trying to break off of my life. The injustice, of the devil robbing things, robbing opportunity, children causing problems all the time to bring me down. Praying for stability, and stable financial freedom, and that will also be deliverance for my children, Cody, Krystall, Evan, and Anthony.


  2. Carolyn Wuebbles
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    Tnikkibowens, Do you read and study the word of God? This gives you power and discernment and it fills your mind with the word, and you must do what the word says also. These spirits can be bound and cast into the abyss, and you should do it daily as well as staying in the word. There is no devil stronger than our Savior, and in fact every knee must bow just at the sound of His name. There are curses in familys but these curses must go too, when you apply the word, love and forgive, and have faith. I do a daily teaching and would send it when you write. These teachings can help you to teach these children and yourself how to come through the trials. We cannot keep going around the same mountain, we must just go through it to get through it, please contact me I will also write back when you write. This is my ministry, and I have been doing teachings about bondage I will help if I can . love and blessings