Please Help me Lord.  I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do

  1. Jee
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    Hello I saw what you wrote and I just want to say I have also experienced the same thing at one of my previous jobs. What you need to do is pray. There is a place in the bible where it says that God can cause your enemies to be at peace with you. I once had a supervisor who seemed to want to boss me around rudely and personally just like you, I didn’t get into a harsh confrontation with him. I once prayed this prayer “enemies being at peace with you” and to the glory of God it worked, So don’t allow anyone else to get you fired, stay on your “A” game, pray to the Lord, and don’t stress too much. God bless.
    If this helps I am a guy by the way. Jerry


  2. Carolyn Wuebbles
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    hI MARK , this is a hard one, i have a friend that goes through the same and I wish she were answering this prayer, but I have prayed with her and for her over this and she is now walking in victory. She kept praying for the person, she took her thoughts captive contiually, she would go to the rest room when it got really bad and ask the Father for the love and the forgivnessto replace the anger, and the anger to leave her and to go back out and be as pleasant as possible. In the meantime she prayed fervently for them. she knew that they must be hurting pretty bad to want to continually try to cause so much havoc and discord. She rebuked and took authority over the situation. this went on for a couple of months, and now she is walking in victory and now she looks at the person in a different light. She is now showing them the love that Jesus wants them to see. She had to become totally unselfish and to kill her flesh, and now she is walking and working in victory. It still trys to rear its ugly head, and when it does she once again takes authority. Everywhere we are when we are walking in the spirit, we are there because this is where He has put us, whether it be for us to learn a lesson or someone to get to know the Savior. pray and ask the Lord to give you the wisdom and diescernment for this situation and ask Him to give you the strength and perserverence to go through whatever is needed to bring this person into God’s plan. I don’t know if this helped, hope so, but I will ask the Father, to give you the knowledge of how to handle this person and to do it with the love of God and I also ask Him to teach you what He is trying to teach you, if that is what this is about, you know, killing your flesh, etc. give you the strength and perserverance to go through. I ask that He will get the glory and honor of whatever He is doing with and using you to do in this work place. I ask this all in Jesus name. amen.  love and peace


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    I have been working so hard at my job since I began in November.  There is this one co-worker who has been sabatoging my progress since day one by lying and undermining me at every opportunity.  i have numerous talks with my supervisors concerning this matter over the past three months.  It is exasperating my employer as well as me to the point where threats of firing the both of us have been presented.  I have tried praying for this individual. Tried praying for the situation but to no avail.  This person is known for creating problems with previous and present colleagues before I came along. Why they are still employed is beyond me.  I try to take every trial and tribulation as a way of God teaching me something.  But this is getting to be too much for me.  I really do not wanna take matters into my own hands because I BELIEVE THAT THE LORD WILL FIGHT THIS BATTLE FOR ME.  But I am tired and am on the verge of quitting.  But I can’t cuz I need the money.  Please somebody out there pray for me.  Please Lord Jesus help me.  I am literally dreading going to work because I don’t know what they are going to pull next.  I plead the blood of Jesus.  Let no weapon formed against me prosper.  Amen