1. Godismyjoy
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    Father, God we pray in your name for the protection of of children who are being bullied at school and even cyber bullying. Lord station angels around these children. We ask that the cowardly bullies be exposed and dealt with severely. 

    I sent in a prayer request for my grandson Trevion who was almost jumped by three overage children at school a few weeks ago. The Lord had my daughter in the right place at the right time and she was able to intervene and her child was not harmed. To God be the glory. The school said that there was not very much they could do about this situation, one of the boys was put into in school suspension.
    .As prayer warriors we must keep our children, grandchildren and all who are suffering at the hands of bullies on the alter.

    These bullies have low self-esteem and they need our prayers as well.

    Be blessed


  2. lori
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    i stand in agreement.  Lord, i pray for the child being bullied.  I rebuke any evil spirits that are trying to set this child up to live in fear.  FLEE in Jesus name.  I ask the spirit of truth, love and peace to be present in this situation, that all involved would come to the right resolution of the root of the problem.  in Jesus name, amen.

    my daughter was bullied for awhile many years ago (she’s now grown).  i was so furious that i went to the school and made the situation worse for her.  it is hard to know what the right thing to do is without inflaming the situation.  Just make sure that your child knows that you will do whatever it takes (homeschooling, moving, hiring somebody to follow him home, etc…)  show complete compassion to your child.  unless your child is larger and stronger than the bully, it does no good to give permission to defend himself…  i’ll keep praying.  pls keep us updated.


  3. mrosario11
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    I stand in the gap with you as a believer in Christ Jesus and a mother of a child who once experienced bullying as well. I pray for the parents of the bully. I pray for their direction and guidance as parents. I pray that God be their light and path to follow as parents. I also pray for the bully because usually a child that bullies is a child that has no control of his or her own situation in their home and they also are being bullied by someone. I pray that God cover this child and help to mend any situation that he/she may be experiencing and contributing to the repetitive behavior.  I pray that God remain in control and assist your child in giving him/her the tools to defend himself. God Bless You and your Family.  Also know that speaking up as a parent and reaching out to the other parents is okay too. You have the right to stand up for your child. Things like this that are ignored can lead to terrible results, so stand and let your voice be heard no matter what your child thinks, it’s okay. Have your child read the article on the girl that committed suicide recently due to being bullied and not speaking up. Hope this helps, I will continue to pray for you and your family.


  4. enota
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    I ask in Jesus name that we come into an agreement to pray aginst bullying.  My son experienced that at school on Friday.  I was furious.  All weekend I can only think of the parents that child that had been bullied and took things in their own hands.  I’ve been talking to my son and praying with him.  The part I’m not understanding is why I’m having vision of ways to help the child that hurt my son.Please pray for us.

    God bless