Prayer of Agreement to complete the refinancing process.

  1. Godismyjoy
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    I have been approved to have my house refinanced but having a problem getting a fair and equitable appraisal done.
    The company that I applied to is new to this area. They have chosen an appraiser that has a history of not completing fair appraisals.

    I have told the loan officer that I did not want this man to do my appraisal. She stated that this is the only one they have approved .

    I sent her the name of another reputable person,  in the area.  The company is considering this alternative.

    I am not trying to be difficult.  My FICO is not the greatest and I really need this loan.

    No, I am not delinquent on my present mortgage or about to be foreclosed.

    I am asking for a prayer of agreement that this matter will be settled quickly.



  2. ServantoftheLord
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    Ms Diane, I pray that God will send the right appraisal to your door with a fair assessment of your house.  I pray that the refinancing will go through for you.  I have certainly thought about it for myself.  But my problem is the appraisal is so expensive and I cannot afford it right now.  But I will keep you lifted up in prayer as you complete your refinancing.  Remember a credit score doesn’t matter with GOD and everything is in HIS control.  Love ya.


  3. warriorofchrist
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    In the Name of Jesus, I pray You step right into this situation and work it together for Diane’s good. I stand on the authority of Your Holy Word. “All things…work together for the good of them who love the Lord, who are the called according to Your pupose. Work a miracle in this situation as only You know how to do. Father we believe that You will send the right appraiser! A righteous man or woman, who is fair,honest, of good reputation and reliable. Do a quick work in this situation and we give You the praise, glory and honor well in advance. I pray that all the funds that Diane needs to complete this deal will be provided and guide her through this process. I come against any hidden costs and fees that would cause a financial bind for her. Give her a watchful eye and expose anything in this deal that is underhanded and crooked, . I pray You cause the lenders to deal fairly and honestly with Your Child.
    In Jesus Name