General Troubleshooting Guidelines
Posted: 11 November 2012 12:21 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hello Everyone!

I thought it would be helpful to provide some general troubleshooting tips for those having trouble viewing services online. Please see below for some common issues and what you can do to resolve them.

If the video is stopping and starting, or the audio or video keeps cutting out, then you should try selecting a slower stream speed. To do this you click on the lower case cursive ‘i’ at the bottom right of the video player. Then click on the button labelled ‘Quality’. From there you can slelect lower bit-rates that will play more smoothly on your computer.

If the video is not coming up at all, and you can’t even see the control bar at the bottom of the video window where the pause button and information button ususally are, then it is probably a Flash issue. You need Flash software to view our online videos. Adobe Flash is infamous for needing lots of updates. You can go here: <>  for a free update that you can download. I usually restart my computer after any updates, but even if you skip that step, this Flash update should make the video player show up for you and work properly.

These are the 2 most common problems. For anything else that may go wrong for you, please try these General Troubleshooting Guidelines:

1. Try to view the broadcast in a different browser. We recommend using Internet Explorer. You can also try Firefox and Chrome
2. Try updating your browser and your Flash Player
3. Click on the settings button just below the and try to connect to all the different streams.
4. If you are on a wireless connection, try viewing on a hard line such as an Ethernet cable.
5. Try clearing your cookies and other private data from your browser.
6. Shut down any non-essential programs you may be running.
7. Turn off any firewall, antivirus or pop up blockers you may have running.
8. Restart your computer.

If after trying all this, and it still isn’t working for you, please call us at 866-708-1452, and we can work with you on the phone until we get your issue solved.