Is Your Teen Getting God’s Word?

By The Christian Post

Published: March 28, 2012

Frequently as parents we want to abandon ship because it looks safer in turbulent waters that it does on board. The Bible tells us to teach God's word to our children and that when they are older they will not depart from it. I believe it as witnessed by the below note from our mid-teen. Stay the course with your children, they are listening, they just pretend not to:

It's hard to say how much one thing has changed your life. When that one thing has so many dimensions. Many of us say we're going to church, and for many people it is just church, a flat, static, point and event in our busy American schedules. But I can attest to the fact that that is not true for all people, when I say I'm going to church, it is something much more. I am not going to a building where I can get my fill of the Word and some music for the week. Instead, I am going to my second family, the community I grew up with, and where I feel most at home outside my own house.

Sugarloaf as a church has changed my life in countless ways. I started up with the church in my 6th grade year and after my first fall camp I was completely emerged. After three years of camps, mission trips, and Confirmation I was fully prepared to move into high school. I suppose that is the first major point, SHIFT and that group prepared me for high school better than any high school prep class ever could. As I moved on I grew closer and closer to the church and my friends there, but what has always been and still is, the most impacting part of Student Life is how much more prepared and deeper I am as a Christian.

I had the amazing experience to go to the Czech Republic this summer to speak God's word to the wonderful people there and I can without a doubt say I could not have done it if I had not have spent my time learning from the leaders and lessons here at Sugarloaf. Everything we hear can, in some way, be implemented into our everyday lives to improve our relationships with everyone around us. So, to summarize what I've said: I've seen myself grow in a church I see as more of a training grounds for life than a settling ground for content people. Sugarloaf has inspired me to never be content with my faith, and to take the Student Life motto to heart, and push myself deeper at any chance I get.

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